The Balladeers

by The Balladeers

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released January 13, 2012

All songs written and performed by The Balladeers:

Jackson Scott: vox / guitars / keyboards
Gav Troon: bass / backing vox
Ruaraidh MacLeod: drums

Piano on "Her Favourite Game", "The Garden" and "No Way In, No Way Out" by Del Meade.

Recorded at The Bottling Plant 2011-2012, engineered and mastered by Iain MacDuff, mixed and produced by Iain MacDuff & The Balladeers.

Artwork by Theresa / Design by ScotArt
Photo by Garry MacLennan @ YHFPhoto



all rights reserved


The Balladeers Glasgow

The Balladeers are a psychedelic 3-piece from Glasgow with an ear for timeless melody and a melting pot of sound and styles.

Medieval riffs, 60's influences, romantic poetry, nursery rhymes and carnival fairground sounds. Blues and classical arrangements intertwine with gypsy stylings, and jazz and afro-based rhythms are all thrown into this insane mix, bound together with a distinctly minor key.
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Track Name: Jesus Belongs To Me
Can it be the same when we've grown older
Will you still know how to laugh if you’re at my shoulder
Will our fates move together through all the toils ahead
Will we pay the price for our hour of leisure
So pillaged and abused is the house of pleasure
And we're blind as we walk alone but we're holding hands

Now Jesus belongs to me

Who will lead the way as we turn the corner
We're entering the bay of uncharted water
And the girl at the shore says there will be no more
Let it now be known that the window’s closing
No one will be left there will be no chosen
To raise up the new the old must be destroyed

Now Jesus belongs to me

Can we weep for what we've lost when we see the final cost
As the earth melts in the sun all the joy has just begun
We were led into temptation and lord how we've had our fun

Now Jesus belongs to me
Track Name: Her Favourite Game
She had a house and lived by the sea
With a garden full of trees
We would go round and knock on her door
And get down on our knees

She was so happy, she was insane
Playing her favourite game
She was so happy, she was insane
Playing her favourite game

She had a face all men would adore
Make every woman roar
She had a grace like no one on earth
Who ever came before

Take me away and I promise to behave
Take me today and i'll be happy in my grave
Track Name: The Garden
Please don't walk away
Never leave my side
Cause i'll be needing you
Every step of the way
Don't know where it’s going
But it will be OK
It could take all night
But we will get it right

If we reach the garden together baby
We can wake up feeling alright
If we try today we can sleep tonight, yeah
Da da da da da da da

We'll have to wait for evening
To understand the day
The sun has give us light
The moon will make our night
So let me come inside now
There's nothing left to hide
You know I won’t be around for long
Track Name: The Guest
She would come and visit in the middle of the night
Always glad to see her we would welcome her inside
We take her in and make her feel at home
She has a drink and sits down on the floor

She likes to take her time because she's so unsure
Her playful eye will signal when it's time

She was always worried that she'd end up on her own
Wandering the wilderness with nowhere to call home
She had a dream she never would realise
She tried her best to reach up to the skies

She likes to take her time because she's so unsure
Her playful eye will signal when it's time
Track Name: Come To The Fair
Feel our world
Fall apart
Watch our world
Watching the people I think isn't it sad
I can't help wondering why I don’t go mad
We've left behind everything good we ever had

We work and we sweat and we toil
Then we come home to bed
We laugh and we dance and we cry
Then we find ourselves dead

So you must

Come to the fair and no one will find you
Come for a ride and let yourself go
Keep at my side and no one will hurt you again

We no longer do what we are told
We no longer do what we are told
For now we are out in the cold again
While others are counting their gold
Stumbling through the pathless woods
Rapt before the shore
Track Name: Back To The Start
We sailed off from a distant shore
To find the girl we all adore
The captain wanted it to be
So drunken sailors went to sea
A light will guide us from above
And help us find the one we love
If we can listen to the wind
The carnival can then begin

Don't run away now
Just wait until the morning
On hard times we are now falling
Back to the garden now we go

We are now ready to be told
The shrouded secrets that you hold
The clouded night has given way
For us to live inside the day
So come and stand beneath the sun
The ancient dance has just begun
There will be things to leave behind
To make the room for what we find
Track Name: Down and Alone
We built a world
Made up the rules
Sailed the streams of midnight dreams
We used to joke
We shared a hope
All was well inside our shell

How things went wrong
I do not know
Now i'm alone
Down and alone

I haven't smiled since I heard the story
Now the days that go by hold nothing for me
I have seen in the light there is nothing holy
And the girl at my side can never hold me

We saw the height of the heavens above us
She carries on as I live through the storm
While she is flying I look up from the bottom
Lord i'm ready to come home

Cause you're the only one who can save me now
Show me a way out of here
Late in the night when I come to you
Open your arms again
Track Name: No Way In, No Way Out
Saw a girl through the window
Who was looking so fine
Yeah I saw a girl through the window
Who was looking so fine
Will she ever love me
Will she ever be mine
I'd like to know what she's thinking
As she passes me by
I'd like to know what she's thinking
As she passes on by
Just want her to tease me
But she passes me by

No way in, no way out
I guess i'll figure it out
Never expected it to be easy

Woman on the cover of a magazine
Tell us all about the things that you have seen
Little lady you're the one who knows
Take us to a place of better shores
Track Name: Forgotten Waltz
We don't need an answer to things that we know
We don't need a reason for letting it go
We don't need a problem to work it all out
Some things were forgotten and now we're without

We should arrive there by night
I'll have a place at her side
She never meant me no harm
Soon i'll be back in her arms

Time has gone slowly since she went away
Now we are ready to find a new way
Forget the old promise that's now standing bare
We'll seek a new morning to light our despair

And then I found her there beside a narrow stream
She looked at me with eyes i'd never seen
And told me of the places she had been
And smiled for us all
Track Name: Surrender
Come take a walk with me into a dream
Things can be simple yeah just as they seem
Never wake up keep on chasing the gleam
Come cuddle up and start sowing the seed

Surrender yourself to me
Give me everything I need baby
Give all your love to me
Give me all of your love

Children wake up and the morning is bright
Some never find sunlit hours in the night
Never to know if they’re up or they're down
Some distant shores will just never be found